Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The World Lost A Very Good Woman

At approximately 4:30 A.M. on November 17th, 2010, Margaret Edythe Smith Banasky passed away from a short battle with Bladder Cancer. Known as just "Marge" to many of her friends and family, Margaret joined her husband Gerald "Pete" Banasky in heaven.

Folks, the reason I am blogging about "Marge" is because she is my grandmother. But I never did call her Marge, Grandma or Margaret. She was simply known as Nan, Nana or Nanny, and on one and only one occasion, Old Fart.

I don't cry a lot in front of people I don't know. But, when Nan passed, I hugged everyone I knew, and everyone I didn't know.
My mom instilled a lot of wisdom into me, some forced with an ire hand, most with love and compassion. One of the greatest things she told me was that the last words I have in a conversation should ALWAYS be happy, loving words, because it may be the last time I talk to them.
I went to bed about midnight on the 16th, and before I went to bed, I told Nan that I loved her, and that I would be okay. With her being a mother, I knew that I didn't want her to leave this world worrying about me. I had gotten all of my crying and frustrations out earlier, so all I wanted to tell her was that I love her and that I will be okay, and also that she could leave when she was ready.
I would like to thank some people that helped me through this. First and foremost, my father in heaven, for making this battle short lived. My mother, who let me cry on her shoulder, my supervisors at work, for understanding my situation and also my coworkers for their sympathy. My friend Melissa, she was the first one to ask me if I was alright. My friend Kayli, she has been my buddy for many years and, many times I had taken her for granted, but she showed me true love and compassion.
Most of all, I would like to thank my Aunt, Georgina Thayne. When Nan had her stroke in 2005, George, as we called her, quit her job so she could stay with Nana and take care of her full time. She and her whole family have given of themselves on many countless occasions without expecting any compensation for it. If you are wondering what it is to be christ-like, then go to West Valley and see my Aunt.

I would like to thank Pastor Rob of the Trinity United Methodist Church of Kearns, UT for allowing us to use the fellowship hall and chapel for the memorial service and luncheon.

I would like to tell everyone that if they would like to help, they could make a donation to the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

In closing, Please tell everyone how much they mean to you.

Dr. Love