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Monday, January 11, 2010

Jekks County Spotlight: Edythe K***

Ok, Colt Ford, as much as I love ya, we've got other people to showcase. I've been doing some thinking, and I think we need to showcase some of Dr. Loves fam-damily.

So, first we get to see Dr. Love's Most Important far.

That would be his mommy, and for honorable purposes we will call her by her first name, that is, what you guys call her, Edythe. To me, she's "Mommy."
Born in 1960...okay guys stop snickering, she's not that old. Anyways, born in 1960 to one
Gerald "Pete" Banasky and one Margaret "Maggie" Banasky, Edythe was one of three girls. You can read about her past on her blog, A Day in the life of Edythe.
Now to zap forward to 1986.
After trying to make a perfect child in 1982, and only getting LokiDude , in November of 1986, Edythe, after birthing Dr. Love, said to her husband Mike "OMG, we have God's gift to women now!"
No, that's not how it happened. I am god's gift to women, but it's not about me, it's about mommy.
So, almost 300 years later, Edythe has graduated high school, gotten married to a man who looks exactly like me, had two sons(Dr. Love being the better of the two), graduated from college like a billion years later, and is secretly Wonder Woman.

So, Wonder Wom...I mean Edythe, this Root Brewski's for you.(She can't have any of Dr. Love's home brew, she's Mormon.)

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